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“Highly recommended: the creepiest book of the year... A surreal portrait of a murderous mind.” (Details Magazine)

“This book is an amazing piece of work -- it’s like Truman Capote on LSD.” (Geraldo Rivera on The Geraldo Rivera Show)

“A masterpiece...that needs to be sought out and savored by all those with a truly macabre sensibility... A post-modernistic objet trouvé...that could have been concocted by Vladimir Nabokov.” (The Boston Book Review)

"A new approach to crime...absolutely riveting, utterly terrifying." (Forensic Science Bookstore)
​When it was first released, Brian Alan Lane’s genre-bending bestseller “Mind Games With a Serial Killer” was simultaneously hailed and reviled.

Some readers wrote that the book was "personally important and life-changing", others that it was "the only serial killer book with a sense of humor", and others that they wished the author dead or worse.  

One would-be serial killer in the US midwest found the book to be a touchstone of truth, a shocking Ghost of Christmas Future which led him to contact author Lane and killer Bill Suff for guidance on how to turn away from the path of darkness to which he was bound.

At the same time, the son of one of Suff's victims held on to the book as life-preserving testimony to the goodness of his fatally flawed mother and the possibility that his own redemption would eventually be in his own hands.

Meanwhile, TV series and movies continuously derive episodes and plots from the unique details of the murders and the spiraling psyches of the characters as laid out in the book.

Updated and Revised 2015 Edition of the 
Best-Selling Creative Non-Fiction Crime Story
"Secret Bedfellows" is a series for a half-hour episodes of sci-fi romantic comedy, produced by some of your favorite visionaries from television and film sci-fi and written by Brian Alan Lane from Star Trek: The Next Generation.